About Me and My Goal

Would you like to see my very first website? Or want to get knowing my personal goal? Read further and dive into it!

Hello and welcome! I’m pleased that you found me and my blog. With this website I’ll tell you stories about my web developer life and give you deep insights and know-how about some of the common and also uncommon challenges in the web world. You’ll also get helpful tips and tricks about my programmed snippets and products.

I guess I can give you some good inputs and I hope I can learn from you too. I’ll do my best to choose great topics. Please let me know what you are interested in, so I can give you a better benefit. Just write a comment below or contact me via Twitter or .

My first article is actually not about a web developer challenge but more about me. Just to give you an insight who am I at all.

My Very First Website

My first touch with HTML was in 1998. Actually my intention wasn’t to learn HTML, but to just put one photo into the internet.

In the course of a competition I drawn a picture on a big linen. After the competition I wanted to sell it or give it away, because I hadn’t the space to keep it.

My father proposed I could make a website for it. Facebook wasn’t an option because – well – it simply didn’t exist yet. And so I made a photo of the picture and created a very simple website. I dug it out of my backups for you ? – surely it looks very antique ?, but it still works – you can take a look here.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a taker for the picture and I think it was painted over the following year. But how ever, it was the begin of my long and exciting adventure through the coding jungle behind the surface of the internet. And luckily that adventure isn’t over yet.

The Awesome Journey

The next 20 years I have programmed over 100 very different websites for various clients and organisations.

The most instructive highlights of this journey where:

  • A website of an association of the blind (including a self developed CMS – exclusively made for that website).
    I learned very much about CSS and how to make a website accessible for visually impaired people. I revised the website in the meanwhile, but it’s even still online – you can take a look here.
  • A youth news website with a self developed and complex CMS for over 70 authors.
    This was my most instructive project ever. I learned very much about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and especially how all that works (or works not) in practice with a big project.
  • An online interface to manage and configure multiple PBX telephone systems for different end users.
    I learned something about structuring big projects, and how they shouldn’t be structured.
  • My own developed flexible CMS, which I used for many many websites and has made many clients really happy.
    I learned the needs of a CMS for common websites and noticed, that I have a feeling for user guidance and user-friendliness (I frequently got awesome great feedback).
  • And last but not least, many many websites which showed me how incredible diverse needs and challenges can be.

My Personal Goal

Until now, I mainly created websites for clients. In the course of this I often caught myself programming a snippet, which can actually be useful for many other people out there.

But because I’m rather introverted (I haven’t even a Facebook account yet) I published only one single snippet yet. Some of you may know “Gridzy – The Justified Gallery”.

However, I love to create nice programming snippets which are reusable, and I’ve noticed that I can give other developers some tips and tricks too, because I’ve already been asked repeatedly.

And so I work hard now to change that situation. My goal is to give tips and to program snippets, which can help as many people as possible. I really love to create such things and because I always got great feedback from my clients and impressive feedback from buyers of Gridzy, I’m convinced that I can help with my snippets.

This blog is my first step out of my comfort zone to make my vision real.

I invite you to join me and create a great community. Let me know what you are interested in, where your problems are and which tools and snippets could be helpful. Just write a comment or contact me via Twitter or

Follow me on Twitter to always keep updated. Maybe I already have a Facebook account or something else when you read this. If you see a red bell in the bottom right corner, you can get push notifications (just click the bell).

I’m looking forward to a nice time with you ?

A Lovely Side Note: Of course it’s just coincidence that all the letters of the internet language HTML are also contained in my forename “Helmut“. But it’s a really nice coincidence, isn’t it? Am I born to code? ??

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