Gridzy.js 2 – The Justified Gallery

Already the first version of Gridzy was very easy to use.
Gridzy.js 2 sets new standards again although it comes with additional features!


Tips & Tricks

Gridzy.js 2 is so powerful, I can’t portray in the documentation all the things that are possible. But I’m going to publish tips and tricks from time to time. Stay in touch via Twitter or subscribe to my mailing list, where you would receive 30 more Gridzy.js skins as a welcome gift ?. If you tell me your name too, that would pleases me. I’m Helmut ✌
I don’t have time to send junk, so be relaxed ?

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I ❤ Gridzy.js!
I ❤ Gridzy.js! – It’s so incredibly easy!
I ❤ Gridzy.js! – Its performance is awesome!
I ❤ Gridzy.js! – Can’t say what behavior I like most!
I ❤ Gridzy.js! – I’m lost for words!

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